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Residential New Home Construction

We specialize in the residential side of the industry. While we are not the biggest contractor out there, we pride ourselves on maintaining a boutique service offering where our builders and clients contact owners directly for their project needs – onsite and in the office. We take projects through the entire process within the drywall scope of work – this includes sprayfoam, insulation supply and install, drywall supply and install, attic insulation, taping/mudding, texture and firetaping. We have production capacity however we strive to offer boutique service and quality.


Everyone knows these can be tricky projects and many will struggle to find quality tradespeople to take on the work in some cases. While many are straightforward, Wicked Walls is consistently involved in numerous renovation projects at any given time. We believe our boutique structure allows us to be more efficient with these types of projects. They require an eye and experience for the details. Tying in the old/existing with the new development areas.

Basement Developments

Much like renovation projects, clients sometimes struggle to find the right relationship to complete the drywall scopes of work when it comes to basement developments. These are typically smaller sized projects whereby busy tradespeople will prefer to take on larger projects. However at Wicked Walls, we also specialize in these types of projects. If you have a set of blueprints for your basement development, we can complete a quote for the project. Consequently if you don’t have drawings, we can visit the site once framing is completed and do a site take-off for quoting purposes. This also allows us to inspect the site for any items that can be addresses proactively prior to the drywall scopes of work commencing.

Garage Developments

We live in a winter city. We live in a city where our demographics loves our toys. As a result, garages are always popping up in the communities. Whether clients are building a new garage or adding heat to an older one, Wicked Walls is able to provide a service offering to complete the drywall scopes of work accordingly.

Small Scale Commercial

We are consistently asked to take on commercial developments. While we specialize in the residential industry, we have the experience and expertise to manage small scale commercial projects within the drywall scopes of work. We are selective to ensure we are responsible for our commercial clientele. We prefer to over-deliver in our service offering and to do so, we ensure we take on the right projects so we can take care of our clients by way of quality and timelines. If you have a tenant improvement, or simply adding insulation value to an existing shop space, Wicked Walls can potentially be a fit for your needs.


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